Saturday, May 30, 2009

an actual post

I haven't really used this blogger as a blog, and it's kind've useless even having it. I really haven't had time to pick up my oldschool diary and write in it. I don't have enough ink to write out that many thoughts, anyways.

So exams are in like, three days. I haven't even started studying. I'm such a fucking dumb shit; I should really get on that.

On a side note:

Yesterday, I got a phonecall from you & I used to sort've-kind've-not-really used to like you. You asked me to go to the movies and just chill. Idk, that's just too awkward for me. I haven't talked to you in atleast a few months, and you're expecting that I'm still going to be there for you. That's not right. I can't do that, and I'm sorry to disappoint. I've tried my best not to cling to you, and it worked. I've moved on, and I think you should too ..

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