Monday, June 08, 2009

exam boredom: math ♡

9:55AM - 10:05AM

(originally handwritten, but I felt like writing it here)

So I'm sitting in the examination room, aka the gymnasium. I'm super bored because I finished my math exam early .. like, 45 minutes early. That's surprizing, seeing as my middle school math average of a 98 plumetted to a mere 68 in highschool. The fact that I switched from basic/core math to extended may have been another facter, besides the leap into highschool, as to why I'm nearly failing. The core and extended classes had the same exam this year, which probably explains why I found it so easy. If I get an 80 on this, the 30% will raise my mark to a 72. Fingers crossed for me, k? My guidance councellor took the liberty of switching me into core next year. Thanks: because I didn't ask you to. Now I'm sitting here, typing sentences into my graphing calculator. Atleast with these things, we can type more than 55378008, and not have to flip the screen upside-down. God bless technology. Bleh, 30 minutes left. Woop, woop. I'm not kidding; I just looked around and basically half of the grade is finished. Ugh. Whatevs. Running out of space! xx ♡

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