Thursday, June 11, 2009

the good and the bad

I can't tell whether I had a bad day or a good day. First, I left the house at 3PM, whereas closing ceremonies started at 4PM. I knew I would be late because I live so far away from the school. Then, halfway down the street, I realized that I forgot a tie. Frantic, I ran back to my house and got one. At that point, it was 3:15. I was on the bus, and decided to get on another bus to take a shorter route. Realizing that the bus wouldn't be there for a while, I got on the same bus route that I was on before, just 5 minutes behind the one that I was just on. At this point, I'm assuming it would have been 3:20.

Later, on the train, some Indian man sat beside me (on my right) and started nudging me, spreading his legs, and generally: making me feel awkwardly uncomfortable. He crossed his arms and continued to nudge me. He then put his right arm, under his left, and proceeded to reach and touch where my shirt met my kilt. I immediately sprung up, violently pushed past him to leave the corner that I had been sexually harassed in, and sat in another seat. I didn't scream or make a fit, because that would not generally be something I would do in public. I didn't look back from there, and I didn't report him to anyone anyways. It would do no good, and would be impossible to find him. All I knew was that he was wearing an orange polo with white (and possibly black) stripes on his shirt, and was wearing black jean pants. Maybe I should report him .. But anyways, I felt increadibly uncomfortable all the way to school.

I showed up at closing ceremonies sometime between 4:20 to 4:30PM. I was late: as usual. Anyhow, when I found a seat, two of my friends were sitting behind me. They told me that I had apparently won an award. Since I wasn't there, I have no clue what the award was for. I also heard that I might have even recieved two awards, but nobody really remembered anyways. But yay! I won an award! Possibly even two awards! They were either for: French, communication technology, or art. I really wanted one this year, and it happened. That totally made my year. I can finally chill, and try not to be a stressed out psycho bitch. I'll find out when the award comes in the mail with my report card (and possibly honour roll certificate). Hopefully I get on the honour role as well. If I do, my life as a freshman will be utterly complete.

About the prize that I mentioned in an earlier post from creating another poster: This line of cosmetics is called Balmshell (you can click it). It was created and founded by two twin sisters, Jennifer and Fiona Lees, that graduated from my school. (A bunch of talented, successful people went to my school, which makes me anxious to see how I'll be doing in the future.) Their lipgloss is really cute. It's not sticky and it's really light. I have 5 of the 10 existing colours. The big one is called "Shopaholic". When you buy the actually big ones, they come with little moving stories on the bottom. After you're done with the lipgloss, you can actually unscrew the bottom and attach it to a keychain that they give you in the package. Then, I think the rest are, (in order from left to right,) "Ah, The Classic," "Darling You Look Fabulous," and "Weekend in the Hamptons." The shade "Darling You Look Fabulous" wasn't part of my prize for creating the poster. It was actually given out today, because Fiona and Jennifer spoke at closing ceremonies today. There was another prize that I won, that isn't in the picture, and that was a lip & cheek stain. Overall, their line is really cute.

Well there you have it. That's my day at a glance.

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