Monday, June 01, 2009


I have my first exam of six, this year, tomorrow, so I decided that I should treat myself by watching Pushing Daisies, the original Romeo and Juliet, and Across the Universe.

People whom I have aquired a burning, firey, passionate love for:
(you can click them for more info)
Olivia Hussey
the gorgeous and amazing actress who set the bar for all Juliets
Lee Pace
the man of my heart who makes me crave pies
Evan Rachel Wood
the gorgeous and amazing actress and singer who stars in two of my favourite movies (Across the Universe & The Upside of Anger)
Jim Sturgess
the sexy British male who has the voice of a god, and a face to match
Joe Anderson
the man who surprised me with his voice and effortless appeal

What truly amazes me is that my dad knew all the lyrics to The Beatles songs, and proceeded to sing along, creating a perfectly pitched harmony in his head. I'm not kidding: he does it when we sing 'Happy Birthday' too.

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