Saturday, July 11, 2009

perfect, it's like you never existed

Parents are insanely unneccessary. If humans were more intouch with our mother-nature side, we'd be abandoned at birth, like turtles and frogs. Doesn't sound that bad.

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Mother, I'm sorry that I didn't get you a birthday present. I'm sorry that I got one for my friend, not for you—even though your birthday is two days before hers. I'm sorry that whenever I buy you a gift, or write you a card, you stuff them in your closet, or down in the basement, never to use or see them again. I'm sorry that your life seems so terrible. I'm sorry that you make bad decisions. I'm sorry that your daughter is clearly smarter than you, that your son is probably retarded, your husband is basically useless, and your close family is halfway around the world. I truly feel sorry. Sorry for you.

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Surprise party for Jeleel today was refreshing. It's about time I met new people, and caught up with old ones. I should've stayed longer, but instead, I came home to this. Note to self: give her her present, and her socks back.

PS: You're cute. You really are... hahaha.

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