Monday, September 28, 2009

bundle of contradictions

I get bored of being happy sometimes. I say that laughing makes people naive because they don't see the reality of the world. Lately, I've been able to find beauty in random things, like a random little kid on the bus trying to learn the days of the week, or graffiti on the side of a building in a shady neighbourhood. But it only makes me sadder that other people can't see the world like that. I've seen the lowest lows, where people, who have everything that money can buy, aren't happy; then I've seen the highest highs, where people, with nothing, have everything they need. As I gain a deeper understanding of things, humanity disappoints me more and more each day.

People are the way they are because of their pasts. The more I get to know about someone's past, it makes me want to cry, thinking about that that's why they are the way they are. It reminds me of a good friend of mine who was listening to a speech about this in school last year. He told me that he immediately thought of me, and how he wondered what I'd gone through to be who I am today. Ever since, I've wondered as well. It's caused me to look into my past, as well as the pasts of those who have influenced my life. I almost regret knowing, but I'm glad that I'd wondered in the first place. I guess it's just easier to see what you see, and not question it.

I think I'm clinically depressed, as well as having OCD. I should probably get tested sometime in the near future.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

don't know what to write

My mom and I were downtown the other day, and we stumbled upon a little bag boutique with the cutest purses and such from designers from all over. The girl (well .. woman) at the counter asked me what school I went to. Apparently she went to BSS, as she so quaintly put it: my "frienemy" school.
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Sounds like a plan to me. Fingers crossed for my extended math grade.
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I didn't really take pictures of my room until now. It was done in the first week of September though. All that's missing is my little armchair.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

all's well

Someone once told me that procrastination is like masturbation. At first, it feels good—but in the end, you just fucked yourself.

So far so great. I had most of my homework done on Friday, because I knew that I was going out on Saturday; then today was a synch. Even though I forgot my homework at school, the teachers are becoming avid users of blackboard so I was able to find and finish it hastily.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

the land of wonder

Went to wonderland today with Jeleel, Roma, and Kaitlin for some closed off special event. It totally made up for not going to wonderland for the entire summer. Behemoth was better than ever. Now I have a major headache. I'm probably going to wake up with a fever tomorrow because of strep throat.

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I brought my homework to school and left it there. Fuck that shit - my year is already off to a bad start.

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I was in such an 'I'm up for anything' mood today, I had ketchup for the first time. It wasn't as bad as I thought... and I'm not dead. So it seems to be going well. That's probably the last time I ever will though.

Friday, September 11, 2009


You say he makes your heart go pitter-patter. Sorry to tell you, but that's your heart beating. It does that sometimes.

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I think my strep throat came back. Great.

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There was a hell of a lot of homework for the first day. My english teacher is actually not the nutty professor. I was actually thinking of the wrong lady. Nevertheless, I'm still not looking forward to English this year.

In science, we're starting off with biology, my weakest point in science. I still hate my teacher.

In careers, they're asking us to consider universities. I don't even know what I want to specialize in. Two years to graduating year. Two short years.

My school really likes to go all out. My mom volunteered herself for the welcome back barbeque this year, so I had to join her. Popcorn machine, snow cone machine, stage with a DJ, hired cooks to barbeque and everything. It was a good carnival, but I personally prefer the dunk tank, cotton candy machine, pie-the-prefects, and all that other crazy stuff during the end-of-the-year carnival.

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According to my computer's spell check, 'whatchamacallit' is a word.

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I'm hungry. I hear eatting helps. I'll go do that.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

back in a kilt, back to blogs

Since I have no time to talk to real people during school, it's much easier to write in a blog, so I'll probably be writing here when I get the chance.

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I was actually chills about going back to school. It's the first time that I've been at a school for longer than three years, so that's probably why I felt so... not anxious. Today was my first day; pretty cool how my school always starts a day after my friends' schools. Well, I was welcomed back to school with an assembly; an advisor meeting, in which I met my two new advisors (as if one isn't enough); and a grade meeting, in which I met everyone else's advisors.

I was also welcomed back by one Happy... yeah. One Happy. And her name says it all. I appreciate her following my blog and suggesting that her friends do the same. I hadn't realized anyone actually read this thing.

On another note, I have some of the most not-so-amazing teachers. Firstly, a teacher, initialed JH, who will remain "unnamed", was the reason that I failed math, and switched into core math to ensure that I didn't have to sit through another class. There's no doubt in my mind that he is a kind human being, but I can not learn in his class. And guess what? Regardless of my switch back into core math, to my luck, he is now my sophomore year science teacher. Yeah, that's right. Goodbye honour roll. It's so inconvenient that he's a teacher in the classes that I'm actually good at. But the best of us can find happiness in misery, right? So this year, I've decided that I'm going to show him up, and prove to him that I don't get straight 60's in all my classes.

On anothhhhherrrr note, my english teacher apparently started teaching because she likes yelling at students. And surprisingly, I'm okay with that. I actually get along with teachers that are a bit "out there".

I am extremely looking forward to art this year, seeing as I get to do photography (huge, huge, huge, huge, huge score). I also have my grade seven/eight teacher, who is probably one of thee most understanding teachers I've ever had in my life.

Whilst adjusting to my new haircut, as well as new courses, new teachers, and getting back into my kilt and classic number-one-dress blazer, I have discovered that label makers are probably the most convenient, most fun, most amazing contraptions known to man. God bless technology.

As for summer, goodbye to you. Although you'll be missed, you ended for a reason. Thanks to everyone who made my summer so amazing. Summer is a time that I get to hang out with people whom I don't get to see, let alone talk to, during the school year. Along with the company comes the drama; and to be truthful I'd much rather be doing homework than dealing with other people's problems. So goodbye summer, and goodbye drama. Good riddance for that. Hello sophomore year

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