Sunday, November 22, 2009

please stop turning

If everyone could just stop living even if for a while,
if the world could just stop turning even if for a while,
if time could just freeze even if for a little while,
maybe I could just catch up to everything around me,
maybe I could just breathe,
maybe I could just see the past, without changing it.
Maybe even if for a while, I could
pretend that I was included,
pretend that I have included others in my own life,
pretend that I made a few right decisions thus far,
pretend that I haven't made the wrong decisions,
pretend that I haven't left anyone behind,
pretend that I wasn't left behind by anyone,
pretend that I like myself,
pretend that I like everyone else.

The world is turning at 108000 km per hour.
I just need to chill.

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